It’s all about the mindset

The most critical challenge of open innovation is the lack of collaborative, cross-functional company culture.

Our Approach

OMIND consulting helps companies tap into the power of open innovation. We leverage our expertise in human resource management (HRM) to build an open innovation culture tailored to your company. We developed a HRM strategy that incorporates the principles of open innovation to help you create breakthrough new products, services and business models that drive growth. We empower your employees to collaborate with smart people outside of your own company through mindset coaching and leadership training. The HRM strategy custom-tailored to your needs incorporates a holistic HRM system and offers you practices and tools to get your employees ready for open innovation.

As an open innovation consulting firm, OMIND consulting is the right partner for managers who would like to establish an open innovation strategy and wish to collaborate with external partners, but do not know how to enable their employees to practice open innovation and benefit from knowledge exchange.

Your Benefits

In a more connected world, open innovation offers opportunities to reduce research costs, minimize risks, and brings innovations to market more quickly. You don’t need to hire all the smart people in your field, you can access their knowledge through collaboration. And what’s more, you don’t need to originate the research in order to profit from it. By applying a human-centered open innovation approach tailored to your individual needs, we empower your organisation to benefit from external R&D and make the best use of internal as well as external ideas. You want open innovation and collaboration, but you don’t know how to enable your employees to exchange knowledge with external partners? We’ll support you to benefit from open innovation!

Open Innovation

“Not all the smart people work for us, so we must find and tap into the knowledge and expertise of bright individuals outside our company.”

(Henry Chesbrough, initiator of the Open Innovation theory)

Source: Inspired by Henry Chesbrough

Cultural barriers that block open innovation:

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