Dr. Aurelia Engelsberger
Dr. Aurelia Engelsberger CEO & Founder

I’ve developed a strong interest in understanding the people’s side of business operations, as I’ve started my professional career as a customer consultant in the financial industry. I decided to follow my curiosity by studying Human Resources Management (B.Sc.). As I was driven to gain an even better understanding of different leadership styles and how to best achieve corporate objectives by including employees, I further studied Organizational Psychology (M.Sc.). Although I wouldn’t have been able to do the work that I’m doing now without that academic knowledge, it has always been the people I met along my way who shaped my journey until today. It has been professors, supervisors, mentors, colleagues and friends who made me learn from their own experiences and challenged me to grow. Having experienced the importance of knowledge exchange and collaboration myself inspired me to follow my passion. Hence, I started my PhD research on the intersection of human resource management and open innovation to get a better understanding of how to create an open mindset.

Living and studying with diverse cultures in international cities such as Hong Kong, New York and Amsterdam have already opened up my mindset, but after living three years in an international hub like Melbourne, I became an advocate of the importance of multicultural experiences. The differences in working behaviours across cultures and disciplines, made me realize that diversity should be seen as a chance rather than a challenge. As a lecturer, I’ve experienced how sharing knowledge can be a learning experience and personal growth for yourself. Furthermore, the experience of working for global brands in various industries, strengthened my ability to take different perspectives.

Especially for innovative businesses, an open mindset is critical for success. Drawing from multiple years of experience in recruitment, training and people development as well as from scientifically substantiated knowledge in open innovation, I started my own business. The mission of OMIND consulting is to enable companies for open innovation and collaboration and to empower employees to exchange knowledge across organisations.

“Talent is one important ingredient for success, but this is certainly not enough. Aurelia brings many more ingredients of success to the table: A growth-oriented mindset, high persistence, great social skills, and a lot of project experience. It is a pleasure to work with her!”

Fabiola Gerpott, Professor of Leadership at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management

It has been exciting to watch Aurelia always exceeding her ambitious goals. Next to completing her PhD extraordinarily fast and successful, she managed to establish her own consulting firm. It’s great to see how Aurelia inspires others through her positive and energetic personality. Based on her academic and professional knowledge about outcome driven innovation and her outstanding people skills, I highly recommend Aurelia as a reliable business partner.”

Stefan Wetzel, Organization + People Development at ebm-papst Group

“Aurelia is a bright and talented researcher and practitioner on open innovation. She is particularly knowledgeable on human related aspects of why individuals engage in open innovation activities. Aurelia has also excellent interpersonal skills. I therefore strongly recommend Aurelia for any future position in the management of open innovation.”

Olga Kokshagina, Lecturer in Innovation & Entrepreneurship