Clara Quintero Ramrath
Clara Quintero RamrathIntern

I grew up with two languages and two cultures that make me the person I am today. On the one hand, I am fascinated by the diversity of people and cultures per se, but along with that, how different views can be combined to create synergies and develop new ideas.

That’s why I decided to study ” International Management Studies”. Here I was able to discover how much potential there is for creativity and innovation in heterogeneous and multicultural teams.

During my travels I experienced that the understanding for arguments, opinions and ideas of others, as well as the willingness to compromise increases in people who have experienced other cultures. Furthermore, my work with RYL! has motivated me to the topic of inner potential development and I particularly enjoy giving every team member the opportunity to contribute their strengths and to discover and develop their potential.

In my opinion, these are all aspects of a growth mindset, which can be created with OMIND. Such an Open Innovation or Growth Mindset enables people to emerge strengthened even from defeats and to continue trying out new ideas. If you know your strengths and your value, it is not only easier to pass on and share your own knowledge, but also to accept new ideas.