A disruptive event like the Coronavirus will generate new challenges and competing tasks across the business. Especially for cross-functional and culturally diverse teams the challenges they face are greater than ever before. OMIND consulting is discussing evolving practices on how Human Resource Management can support their remote employees during these extraordinary times. We will constantly publish one challenge and share our recommendations.


With masses of workers being instructed to work from home, knowledge exchange and transparency become more important than ever. But how to empower your employees to work independently and provide access to essential information? Especially with co-workers who are new to the situation, getting answers can be a time-consuming challenge.

Establish easy-access databases

Establishing databases where essential knowledge (like login information or critical information about clients) is easily accessible to eligible employees is a time-effective way to build common ground. In situations where one team member has to step in for someone else and may have to do a job which is not regularly his/her responsibility, time will be saved by sending emails back and forth to ask for this kind of information.

Create transparency about workload and allocated time

Especially in cross-functional teams, managers might not understand how long it can take a designer to render a 3D garment without having the same technical equipment at home as in his office at work. Creating a virtual document where every team member writes down the current tasks and approximate time allocation as well as the estimated completion date, helps other team members to understand how busy their co-workers are and when would be a good time to approach them.

Share personal information, if it affects your efficiency

Letting your team members know that you have a newborn baby at home, creates an understanding of each other’s challenges. Especially when the tasks differ significantly between team members. An engineer might not understand why a web designer does not come up with fast creative ideas working from home which can be a source for doubts and annoyance.
Everybody has job-specific challenges to deal with. What are your experiences and how do you manage a difficult situation at work? You can leave a comment below.