Our mission is to increase innovation through creating an infrastructure that fosters knowledge exchange across teams inside and outside the organisation. Motivating individuals to exchange their knowledge is an important management challenge which we would like to support you with as your trustworthy management consulting firm.

Based on recent research, open innovation and the collaboration between organisations is critical to compete in dynamic global markets. Our last study shows that it takes more than single HR practices to lead organisations toward open innovation. Moreover, there must be congruent HR practices throughout the entire organisation that provide a conducive infrastructure and empower employees and teams alike.


We believe in the fact that the people are the most important resource in an organisation. Although this is widely acknowledged, there is still a missing focus on it. We want employees to feel safe to share their knowledge, to learn from each other, and to be incentivized and rewarded in doing so.

We believe that trust is the basis for mutual knowledge exchange. On the one hand, we would like to be your knowledge exchange partner and share our research-grounded knowledge with you. On the other hand, we are looking forward to learning from your organisation because every open innovation experience is different and helps us to tailor our approach and grow together for the future. We believe in long-term business relationships.


We provide a customized HR infrastructure that enables employees, teams, and the entire organisation to exchange knowledge not only inside but also outside their organisation. Building on a target-performance analysis, we identify the specific requirements for the organisation as well as the individual needs of the employees. We offer change management strategies, training, coaching and workshops to enable open innovation. Moreover, we want to empower our clients to self-management and offer tools to track the performance over time.