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Organisational level

Reward system & performance measurement tool

The open innovation culture must be communicated and lived by within the entire
organisation. Job security, incentives and reward systems are important measures to reduce
negative attitudes towards knowledge exchange among employees. A strategy well aligned
with culture and practices creates a cohesive environment with highly engaged employees.
Our performance measurement app makes it easy for you to track the performance of your
open innovation projects.

Team level

Leadership training & team workshop

Communication barriers can hinder knowledge exchange within a team. Different personalities, cultural and functional backgrounds are all potential obstacles when it comes to communication. Our trainer will accompany your team over a certain amount of time to get to know the people and the barriers. Tailored workshops and training sessions are then provided to create common understanding and trust within the team.

Individual level

Recruitment tool & mindset coaching

Only with employees who have an open mindset and are willing to exchange knowledge
open innovation can be enabled. In addition to providing mindset coaching to your existing
employees, our recruiting tool and tailored hiring process ensures that the people you hire
fit your organisational culture.


Your employees can only practice open innovation, if they have access to supportive IT systems and collaboration tools that facilitate knowledge exchange. Our trustful IT partner assures that your IT infrastructure is well aligned to your open innovation strategy.

We live our own values by doing open innovation ourselves. We know that we can’t hire all the smart people around the world and own all the knowledge in-house. Thus, we source knowledge from our trustful partners and share it with you, to make sure that we can provide you with all necessary resources inside and outside our own company. At the same time, we make our knowledge available to other consultants through licensing services.

Key Offerings

Recruitment tool

We created a recruitment tool for you to select people with an open mindset to boost your open innovation performance from within.

Mindset coaching

We empower your existing employees to become more open towards knowledge exchange, failure tolerant, risk taking, and able to take different perspectives.

Leadership training

We enable your team to make decisions together, share responsibility and distribute roles without any hierarchies.

Team workshops

We share the principles of open innovation with your teams and show them the benefits of knowledge exchange not only within but also outside your own company.

Reward system

We create an organisational culture that fosters open innovation through the acknowledgement of knowledge exchange.

Performance measurement tool

We developed a mobile app for you which you can use to easily track the real-time performance of your open innovation projects.

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